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About Us

LivingHuntington.com is a group buying website that focuses on the Huntington community as well as surrounding areas within a 10 mile radius. The website will feature one awesome discounted deal from one local merchant that can be purchased right on our website. The discounted deal will be available to purchase for a very limited time only, anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days.


LivingHuntington.com was started with local merchants and consumers in mind. We really liked the concept of group buying sites that are in the market but what we disliked was that most of those sites were national companies that have no connection to the local community. The founders of LivingHuntington actually live in the community, shop and spend in the community, therefore the money stays in the community.


LivingHuntington.com has partnered with local schools, churches, charitable organizations, soccer, lacrosse and little leagues. LivingHuntington.com supports these organizations by donating $1 for every purchase over $10 on our site.


We hope you see the value and enjoy the benefits of LivingHuntington.com. We’re working very hard to bring you these awesome discounted deals so you can experience and enjoy local businesses at a great price.