Winston Preparatory School - Dix Hills

Winston Preparatory School - Dix Hills

Private School

Address: 30 Deforest Road, Dix Hills, NY, 11746

Phone: (631) 779-2400



Winston Preparatory School (WPS) is an innovative day school (with campuses in Dix Hills, NY; Norwalk, CT; Whippany, NJ; New York City; San Rafael, CA) for students in the 3rd through 12th grade with learning differences such as dyslexia, nonverbal learning disabilities, and executive functioning difficulties.

Choosing the right school for your child with a learning difference is essential. Winston Prep Long Island is part of the Winston Preparatory School network that offers a highly individualized learning environment for students grades 4-12 with learning differences, including dyslexia, ADHD, and nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD).

Winston Prep Long Island offers a Summer Enrichment Program that reflects the curriculum and learning environment of Winston Preparatory School's highly individualized program. During July 1st - July 29th, students grades 3-12 will have a chance to strengthen their academic skills, foster independence, while focusing on their special needs. Students also participate in an array of exciting extracurricular activities.

At Winston Long Island, emphasis is put on discovering who each student is, what their strengths and learning needs are and, based on their learning profile, designing an individualized curriculum that is grounded in continuous assessment and on-going evaluation by a team of expert faculty and staff.

The feedback from Winston Prep parents is often that, for the first time, their child is being understood. While their child is learning and excelling, parents are comforted by the fact that they have found a community where their child belongs and thrives.

Find out more about Winston Prep Long Island's summer school at or contact Michele Bellatoni, Director of Summer Enrichment Program at or call 631.779.2400 (x2431).

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Winston Preparatory School Video: Able To Learn


About Winston Preparatory School

At WPS we view each student as a unique individual learner who has potential and is Able to Learn. It is also important that our work is grounded in research regarding how people learn and the learning differences that cause students to struggle.

We begin our understanding by looking through a neuropsychological lens based on decades of research on learning and cognition. This is just the first step. It is important that we understand both who our students are as learners, as well as who they are as people. WPS students have some notable gifts, and our individual approach allows us to explore and develop these gifts. Everything we do is based on this in-depth Understanding of each individual student. Each photo above will take you to stories of WPS students who we can begin to understand through the terms dyslexia, executive functioning difficulties and nonverbal learning disorders.



The Innovative and Unique Focus Program

One-on-one. Every day.
Focus defines Winston. Your child spends 45 minutes one-on-one with a Focus teacher, every day. At Winston, Focus is as important as math, science, history, literature, or writing. It is central to your child’s day and every child at Winston has his or her own Focus teacher. Every Focus teacher is in continual communication with all your child’s other teachers—and you. So how do you describe a Focus teacher?For your child.
Think of the Focus teacher as a coach, a mentor, a motivator, and a specialist who is committed to helping your child find the path to learning.

For you.
Think of the Focus teacher as your window into your child’s school day: someone you can contact whenever you feel the need to find out more about your child’s classes or homework, or how your child is doing socially.

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The Continuous Feedback System

Each dimension of the Continuous Feedback System (CFS) will help you gain a deeper understanding of how we assess and understand both learning disabilities and students strengths as well as examples of individualized program we develop for each student.

Moreover, each area in the bottom portion of the CFS will reveal how our process is truly continual in that our teachers are trained how to evaluate students responses every day and their internal psychological and social landscape in such a way that allows us to help gain skills and personal independence that results in outcomes that include, but are not limited to 90% of our graduates going to college.

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Winston Preparatory School Video: I Can Do This


Meet Henry

When Henry began his journey at WPS he was an outgoing, compassionate, empathetic and engaging fourth grader who loved art and music.

He worked slowly through most language-based tasks due to his decoding and encoding difficulties and was sometimes unable to maintain the energy needed to complete tasks. Even though Henry had strong comprehension, reasoning ability and social skills, his difficulties with the mechanics of reading and writing continuously got in his way. Henry frequently understood how and what was needed to complete tasks, however, his performance was significantly slowed because basic academic skills were not automatic. Despite his intelligence and significant potential he often became frustrated because he had such difficulty reaching that potential.

At WPS Henry receives intense and systematic decoding and encoding instruction throughout his day. His program is designed based on research-proven methods to remediate students with dyslexia, but at WPS we go further to adapt these methods to Henry’s specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, at WPS Henry’s reading and writing program is specifically designed for him and no one else. As Henry’s basic skills improve, his curriculum focuses on abstract and critical thinking.

At WPS we are able to individualize programs based on strengths and gifts as students overcome their difficulties.

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Meet Robert

When Robert began his journey at WPS he was described as an active and enthusiastic learner. Although he demonstrated strengths in certain areas such as rote learning, vocabulary and math calculation, he often struggled to understand and express complex and abstract ideas.

For students like Robert, the most difficult areas of school life can be comprehension, math concepts and social pragmatics. This was true for Robert. Over his time at WPS Robert received strategy instruction throughout the curriculum to help him understand patterns in all areas of academics and socialization. Problem solving and reasoning skills were emphasized in every course every day, so that over time Robert was better able to stay poised and effective when faced with challenging abstract concepts and situations. This newfound ability to deal with the abstract, combined with Robert’s strength in rote learning and memorization, allowed him to excel at WPS and beyond. Robert graduated from WPS and Adelphi University, and is now working towards his PhD.

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Meet Sarah

When Sarah began her journey at WPS she had difficulty with organization and was highly distractible.

She would offer answers before she heard entire questions, and she had difficulty following instructions completely and in the correct order. It was hard for her to concentrate for a long time, and she frequently became frustrated with school because she did not do as well as her peers. WPS recognized Sarah’s ability to quickly synthesize information as a strength as well. She was able to process large amounts of information quickly, especially when the topic was of interest or engaged her, but needed help learning how to express her considerable understanding of material in a methodical and organized way.

During her time at WPS her program was a highly individualized balance between strengths in hands-on exploratory learning and developing her ability to respond to traditional instruction. Throughout her schooling she worked to develop organizational skills, active listening strategies and the ability to use planning and structure in order to produce work to meet expectations. It was important for Sarah to be understood as a student with organizational and attentional issues that were school-based and responsive to remediation, as opposed to behavioral issues. Sarah graduated from WPS, went onto Clark University and is now pursuing a master’s degree in social work.

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Winston Preparatory School Video: Understanding


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Additional Information

Name: Winston Preparatory School
Address: 30 Deforest Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746.
Phone: 631-779-2400 x2404
E-mail: Karen Preston, Admissions Director -


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