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Proactive Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist in Huntington Village

Address: 52 Wall Street, Huntington, NY, 11743

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Proactive Physical Therapy meets the needs of our community looking for one-on-one treatment. Utilizing manual therapy techniques such as Active Release, Myofascial Release, Dynamic and Static stretching, Edge Tool as well as other customized treatment.

We specialize in physical therapy for healing and strengthening and we treat our physical therapy patients with the goal of function and activity in mind.

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PLUS: Be sure to continue reading below to learn about the NEW Training Intensives program at Proactive Physical Therapy!


NEW: Training Intensives

Proactive Physical Therapy has a NEW program called Training Intensives for athletes that need to better prepare for their sports season. We address Flexibility, Power, Speed, Agility, Plyometrics, Recovery and Nutrition. This program is for advanced athletes from 10yrs. to 16yrs. old. We will offer training in different age groupings.

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Personalized Performance Training for Elite Athletes
Reach Max Potential on the Field – Enhance Total Health for Performance – Minimize Injury Risk

• Six 90 minute Sessions 3x per week /2 weeks/ $1200
• Small Group Training up to 6 Athletes
• Equipment – Nutrition – Recovery Products Issued ($300+ value)
• Program Completion Qualifies Athletes For *Full Season Access of Facility-Issued equipment: BOSU, Stretch Strap, Foam Roller, Ice Pack, Kinesio Tape, Nutrition Powder

Intensives Training Services for Athletes

Jump training for young athletes enhances muscle development for ballistic movement. Functional training for vertical jumps builds power in sport for explosive dynamics.

FASTER on the Field
Fast means first. Giving the athlete an ability to be first to the ball. And one step ahead of their competitor is a game changer. Speed training methods give a proven edge over others on the field.

AGILITY Maximizes Movement
Changing direction during sport is critical to execute effective movement. Becoming more reactive with agility and balance in sport is a winning combination on the field.

FUEL for Performance
Energy to perform comes from nutrition plain and simple. With proper fuel for the body an athlete will maximize Performance and reduce risk of injury by staying Strong in competition. Recovery from stress is amplified with Best nutrition above all else. Mission Nutrition PARTNER

Build STRENGTH for Power
Full body strength comes from Functional Training. We use body weight resistance tools forcing the body to stabilize itself. This training generates resistance movements with core activation at the center of attention in developing solid bodies.

Superior ​FLEXIBILITY​ in Competition
Moving through full range of motion to complete an action is the definition of flexibility. Any restriction of full motion in sport will cause injury, strain or compensation. Establishing flexibility for sport takes focus and time. The results are spectacular!

First Step ​SPEED​ Wins
First to target or being early to the ball allows for critical time and space in play. This is an all or nothing result. The faster in first step, the more opportunity to SUCCEED.

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About Proactive Physical Therapy

At Proactive Physical Therapy, it all starts with a physical therapy plan. An accurate time frame for healing and a time frame for strengthening is essential to match your expectations to your goals.

Once we have an agreed plan of action for your therapy, reaching success is just part of the process. You will be provided with all the tools necessary to achieve your goals including progressive home exercises and a progression of exercises that will keep you challenged from your first visit through to your date of goal achievement which will be the beginning of your freedom from therapy and the start of your post injury active lifestyle.

Common Physical Therapy Treatments:

• Posture re-education for teens
• Shoulder impingement
• Back pain, neck pain, knee pain,
• All sports injuries
• Golf/tennis injuries
• Joint replacement for ankle, shoulder, hip and knee
• Osteo-arthritis in all joints
• Post surgical conditions all joints including wrist and hand, tendonitis, tennis/golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, balance training, fall risk, deconditioning, gross weakness, post fractures.

We are a Physical Therapist owned facility allowing us to focus on best practices with the best tools for the therapist. We are results driven and are free to spend as much time with our patients as needed.

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Golf & Body, Huntington

Are you a golfer who lives in the Huntington-area and is seeking a sound strategy for improving your game?

If so, you will absolutely want to acquaint yourself with the unique, golf-skill sharpening services being offered by Golf & Body, Huntington Village!

Golf & Body Huntington golf services is a focused private environment for improving one’s golf game, entertaining clients, and working on specific skills with a golf professional. The golf experience features a comfortable temperature controlled bay, state-of-the-art golf simulator with the ability to measure critical ball and club statistics including ball speed, launch angle, club face angle, spin rate, and spin axis. The hitting bay has a high-definition television and high-speed cameras for video analysis.

In addition Golf & Body, Huntington Village offers golf fitness and biomechanical evaluations for improving the physical body through flexibility, balance, coordination, movement sequencing, strengthening and core activation.

Between the data provided by this cutting-edge technology AND the guidance provided by the experienced team at Golf & Body, Huntington Village - you will have all of the insight you need to improve each and every facet of your golf game in ways you probably never previously imagined!

And that's just the beginning - click through to learn more...

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The Therapist - Steven Login, MS, PT

Steven Login, MS, PT is the founder of Proactive Physical Therapy, co-founder of Golf & Body, LLC and Golf & Body NYC. Proactive Physical Therapy provides a unique service to the Huntington Village community with insurance based manual physical therapy and golf simulators for golf performance and rehabilitation. Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive and effective means for repairing, rebuilding and strengthening patients of all ages and abilities. Steven uses a unique combination of manual therapy, functional training methods and whole body assessment to achieve superior results post injury and post surgically.

Steven’s background as a collegiate gymnast supports his emphasis on posture re-education, body alignment awareness and full body mobility in treating all patients.

Steven holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Simmons College, Boston 1994 and a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1990.

His certifications include Full Body Certified in Active Release Technique, Certified Advanced Thai Yoga Bodywork and is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Golf Fitness Instructor and is trained in Golf Biomechanics by TPI. Steven has worked with Metropolitan Section golfers and teaching professionals since 2000, providing rehabilitation and advanced stretching and golf fitness for in-season management as well as off-season preparation and rehab.

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Steve and his entire staff provide above and beyond customer service. They're invested in each client's well-being, development and progress. I highly recommend this knowledgeable and friendly staff.
--Jim Clark

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Steve and his entire staff provide above and beyond customer service. They're invested in each client's well-being, development and progress. I highly recommend this knowledgeable and friendly staff.
--Jim Clark

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