Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling

Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling

Dr. Diane Kramer, Psychologist | Marriage/Family Therapist

Address: 75 Prospect St, Suite 103, Huntington, NY, 11743

Phone: (631) 553-1476

Email: dkramer@peakskillslearning.com


Have you been feeling the pain, hurt and sadness of a difficult marriage?

Are you living with fighting, lack of respect, poor communication, affairs, financial, family, or parenting issues, etc.?

Have you tried to resolve the underlying issues, with little success?

At the Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling, we offer SOLUTIONS that will help you and your family!

As a trained psychologist and marriage/family therapist, Dr. Diane Kramer has been leading couples to the ‘GOOD MARRIAGE’ for over 30 years. She will help you and your Spouse STOP the Vicious Emotional Cycle of Attack and/or Withdraw - and resolve the real underlying issues.

Working with Dr. Kramer, couples move toward the mutual ‘Give and Take’ of the ‘GOOD MARRIAGE’.

Dr. Kramer is in the process of releasing her second book “Toward the GOOD MARRIAGE: How to Avoid your First (or next) Divorce”.

Please call Dr. Kramer to discuss how we can help at 631-553-1476.

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Long Island Center for Marriage Counseling

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