Dr. Kristen Memoli, Psychologist

Dr. Kristen Memoli, Psychologist

Psychologist in Huntington, NY

Address: 177 Main Street, Suite 204 A, Huntington, NY, 11743

Phone: (631) 470-9670

Email: kamemoli@yahoo.com


A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

I am a clinical psychologist licensed in New York State specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Since 1996 I've worked with individuals of all ages affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and provided support for their families. I have worked in several school systems, both public and private, and I am currently the clinical adviser for a young adult transition program for individuals with Autism.

In addition to my focus on Autism I also work with individuals struggling with anxiety, emotion dysregulation, family conflict, and technology dependence or addiction. I see local clients in my office and also see clients through secure video conferencing.


While working with individuals and families, I employ only empirically validated interventions. I utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapy and draw from multiple treatment modalities and models such as Applied Behavior Analysis, The Social Thinking Model, Collaborative Problem Solving, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness. When needed I collaborate with my clients' teachers and/or doctors to ensure a cohesive team approach to treatment.

My goal is to increase clients' abilities to cope with the challenges of daily life by improving skills related to social communication, relationship development, daily living, independence, distress tolerance, anxiety management, and executive functioning. In addition to the work we do in session I provide clients and families with take-home activities to deepen their skills and expedite change. I often tell clients that what they do between sessions is as important as what they do during sessions. While I focus on addressing skill deficits I also believe that clients should learn to maximize their strengths and value who they are as unique individuals. I believe that as an effective therapist it is my job to help my clients pursue happy, healthy, meaningful and balanced lives.


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Dr. Kristen Memoli, Psychologist

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