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Country Village Chemists

A Specialty Compounding and Integrative Pharmacy Featuring Alternative and Conventional Therapies

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Country Village Chemists is an integrative specialty compounding pharmacy and boutique, family owned and established in 2002.

Our approach to healthcare incorporates and combines both traditional conventional and alternative therapies to enhance well-being. Our staff and pharmacists are dedicated to provide the service, selection and competitive prices you deserve.

We are available to address any healthcare concerns, prescription preferences and nutritional supplementation to benefit your therapeutic needs.

A hometown destination for the personalized health, wellness & healing needs for you, your family, and including your pets. Country Village Chemists offers customers a distinct level of service that is hard to find.

Reminiscent of pharmacies of the past, upon entry, customers feel immediately welcomed and can browse through our unique merchandise and wellness center while waiting for prescriptions.

Committed to providing a consultative approach, our staff is invested in helping our clients reach their "Path to Wellness." We are available to discuss all of your healthcare needs whether prescriptions, holistic or compounding.

We value our customers and do our utmost to deliver and enriched experience that has gone amiss in todays drugstore market. At Country Village Chemists, the customer is always our top priority.

Dry Salt Therapy at Country Village Chemists

Country Village Chemists is the first pharmacy to offer Dry Salt Therapy Treatments as part of our integrative approach to wellness.

Halotherapy, also called dry salt therapy, is a natural therapy for adults and children used to detoxify the system.

The use of salt in medical science has been documented among ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greeks texts. It was described in the writings of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, in 460 BC and has been used as a medically approved treatment regimen in Eastern Europe since the mid 1900s.

Dry salt therapy is a drug free inhalation therapy that works by infusing microparticles of of 99% pure sodium chloride through a halogenerator which is inhaled to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, and overall wellness.

Himalayan crystal salt contains the same 84 natural elements found in the human body and is referred to in the Himalayas as "white gold." The Salt Room at Country Village is lined with bricks of this material to enhance the effects of the salt therapy.

During a Halotherapy treatment, patients sit in comfortable chairs, relax and listen to ambient music while they inhale aerosolized micro particles in controlled and low concentration created by a specialized medical technology and mixed with air. This process delivers the particles into the respiratory system to reduce inflamation, widen the airways, eliminate toxins and allergens and strengthen the immune system. Micro particles landing on the skin help balance pH and promote reparative and regenerative processes in the skin.

Halotherapy has no known drug interactions. The effects of the process are cumulative and while many clients feel a difference after just one treatment, multiple treatments work to greater effect.

Dry Salt Therapy has been shown to be a natural treatment for:
-- Allergies - Hay Fever - Sinusitis - Rhinitis
-- Asthma - Upper Respiratory ailments - COPD - Cystic Fibrosis
-- Colds & Flu - Ear Infections - Detoxification
-- Skin Disorders - Eczema & Psoriasis
-- Snoring - Sleep Apnea
-- Increases stamina & more

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'Awesome Pharmacy ! Most over the counter items are cheaper here than CVS or other big drug stores. Always Friendly and will try and help anyway they can.'
--Brianna Minardi

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'Awesome Pharmacy ! Most over the counter items are cheaper here than CVS or other big drug stores. Always Friendly and will try and help anyway they can.'
--Brianna Minardi

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