Photo Gallery: Northport Arts Coalition Presents Sunday Art In The Park 2018

It's that summery time of year when beautiful weekend days beckon us to head outside beneath the green trees and hot sun -- which is exactly why the annual Sunday Art In The Park event (hosted by the Northport Arts Coalition) always ends up drawing such a large crowd!

And it was the same, this past weekend (on July 8th from 10am to 5pm), for the 2018 installment of this popular outdoor event located at Northport Waterfront Park. Excellent weather. Boats on the water. People and pets all over the park, enjoying the show. Cars everywhere - resulting in very tight parking.

Culture was in high supply. Arts and crafts for sale under the tents. Paintings. Photography. Jewelry. Clothing. Dance. Music. Poetry.

With so many creative people on the grounds, selling their wares, the event represented a perfect opportunity to meet local artists and glimpse some of them at work.

This celebrated, family-friendly festival conspired with the sunshine to create a very busy day in Northport. Sounds of happiness filled the warm air, sunlight glistened off of the water, and the communities of artists and creators - plus those who appreciate them - merged into a pleasant summer memory, and a notable example of a regional arts event done right!

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Photos by Tisa Cassidy