Photo Gallery: Little Shelter's Pet-A-Palooza

On August 18 our hearts were completely melted by the sweet pets available for adoption at The Little Shelter’s Pet-A-Palooza event!

There were so many pets available for adoption, and so many loving people searching for a new furry friend to bring home. The event was fun for the whole family, with music, games, food, raffles and of course dogs everywhere!

Little Shelter first opened its doors in 1927, when Anna Hunninghouse dreamt of opening a refuge where homeless animals could live in safety and comfort until a new home was found. Their outreach has grown from community-based to nationwide, and Little Shelter continues to set the benchmark for other shelters to follow.


Did you adopt a pet over the weekend at Little Shelter’s event?

Share your pictures of your newly rescued animal on our Facebook post about the event!


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Writing and photos by Sophie Frisina.