Photo Gallery: Bay Day 2017 in Oyster Bay

Bay Day in Oyster Bay was held at Beekman Beech on Sunday June 4th.

Bay Day is an annual, free, community festival that strengthens the connection to Oyster Bay and promotes environmental awareness and stewardship. The Waterfront Center hosted this event to promote their educational and recreational services while also sharing their vision for everyone to understand and appreciate the marine environment so that they enjoy and preserve it for all time. 'By creating awareness we create stewards of the environment helping to ensure future generations continue to experience and enjoy all the environments have to offer.' This is the key message the Waterfront Center puts forward by hosting Bay Day.

The events included a live marine tank, food trucks and music. They also provided free kayak, paddle board and sailing demos.

The rain didn't stop us from enjoying this great event!

Living Huntington photographer Rosanna Ruta was on the scene and captured these images of the event. Click through for a larger view:


Photos and writing by Rosanna Ruta