Photo Gallery: 35th Annual Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay

Crisp fall weather helped to keep the chill on tens of thousands of raw oysters as the 35th annual Oyster Festival kicked off at Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park in Oyster Bay on Saturday, October 13th!

Exceedingly large crowds flooded the streets of Oyster Bay to shuck and slurp their way through bucket-loads of bivalves (and so much more) during this HUGE and long-enduring celebration of the humble oyster - without a doubt, the East Coast's largest waterfront festival.

The two-day Oyster Festival (which is a project of the Oyster Bay Rotary Club and funded by the Oyster Bay Charitable Fund) offered a fun mixture of family-friendly new activities AND old favorites that included live entertainment, ships, top-notch artisans, pirate shows, midway rides, and an iconic oyster eating and shucking contest.

The Food Court was the headlining act, where volunteer chefs and culinary pros worked side by side, cooking and serving dozens of unique oyster, clam and other seafood concoctions along with traditional festival fare.

Profits from all FOOD COURT sales directly supported 25 participating local charities while proceeds from carnival rides and merchandise sales will be donated to additional charities supported by the Rotary throughout the year.

As usual, Living Huntington was on the scene - and we happen to have brought back a few tasteful photos from the delicious goings-on :-)

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Photos by Tisa Cassidy