Living Huntington Home Services Guide - Fall 2019

Allow us to introduce our Living Huntington Home Services Guide for Fall 2019 - a trusted resource for Huntington-area residents seeking connections with local professionals capable of providing a wide array of professional services.

Part of the strength of any community lies in the network of connections between those people who are in need of professional services and their neighbors who provide those professional services.

That's why Living Huntington has made it a major part of our mission to connect Huntington-area businesses and service providers with the local residents who happen to be seeking what they are offering.

Whether you're in need of home improvements, handyman services, decor, painting, landscaping, window cleaning, power-washing, or more -- Living Huntington strives to be the vibrant hub where local residents forge those rewarding connections that empower them to #shoplocal, #dinelocal, and #livetheirbestlifelocal as efficiently and conveniently as possible!

NOTE: Featured image above courtesy of Mr. Wrights | The Home Detailing Experts.


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Home Services Directory

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Home Service Provider Previews

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Cooper Gardens | Local Landscaping Business

Huntington-area Residents: Are you looking for a reliable landscaper with valuable experience and a vast knowledge of plant design? Does your yard need a fresh look in time for entertaining this summer?

Then look no further!

Cooper Gardens is a local landscaping business specializing in the art of plant design and installation.

Born and raised in Huntington - owner Peter Cooper has over 20 years of experience and has the professional experience to work closely with homeowners to design a landscape that is not only beautiful, but also able to fit any budget.

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Harbor Maintenance and Handyman Services | Home Improvement + Maintenance

Harbor Maintenance and Handyman Services is your single point of contact for all home repairs and maintenance in the greater Huntington area.

Founded by Greg and Ryan Cavanaugh, who have over 20 years experience in high end residential construction and longstanding local ties to Northport and Greenlawn, Harbor Maintenance and Handyman Services covers all of your home maintenance needs including: painting, window and door installation, exterior repair, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more!

Throughout our decades of custom home construction and remodeling, we have often been approached by our clients for the everyday needs of their homes. Whether they were looking for a quick plumbing fix, carpentry repair or a trusted advisor to evaluate, make recommendations and provide an estimate of their needs, we realized there was a gap leaving homeowners wondering where to begin. That’s why we launched Harbor Maintenance and Handyman Services.

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JA Land Development | Hardscaping and Landscape Design

Landscaping is often the first thing people notice about your home. If you want to make a good first impression on your friends and give yourself a visual treat to enjoy each day it all starts with a beautiful property.

Owned and operated by Jon Anderson – a resident of the Huntington area - JA Land Development is a landscape design firm specializing in lush tree and shrub installments as well as custom stone work. Our firm has created customized landscape designs for discerning clients throughout the greater Huntington area.

Led by Jon, with 20 years of experience, the JA team of dedicated professionals takes great pride in its craft; quality of workmanship and commitment to our customers. Our process is very straight forward and client friendly.

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KMR Painting & Decorating | Home Decor + House Painter

KMR Painting & Decorating has been serving the Huntington community and it's surrounding area for 30+ years, gaining recognition for providing exemplary service and satisfaction to it's vast array of customers.

If you are a discerning consumer seeking the highest quality of interior and exterior painting services, both residential painting and commercial painting, you need look no further.

KMR Painting & Decorating provides first class workmanship, executed with meticulous preparation, work, and attention to detail like no other.

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Mr. Wrights | The Home Detailing Experts

Mr. Wright's offers home detailing services to discriminating clients.

Whether it's window cleaning, pressure ("soft") washing, gutter cleaning or gutter whitening, Mr. Wright's home detailing company will take all your worries away easy, fast and risk-free!

THE WRIGHT WAY… Our home detailing experts will provide a professionally delivered experience top to bottom, and will treat your home with the utmost care and respect. We are fully insured, so your property is protected.

OUR SUPERIOR CONVENIENCE… Ask for our no-hassle free estimate today. You’ll get the service you want, when you want it.

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Start to Finish Remodeling | Huntington Handyman

Have you ever decided to take on one of those “small” projects thinking “this will be easy?” Only to have it end in disaster, cost much more…or take way more time?

Life is short. Spend it with family and friends, doing what you love. When your “to do” list starts to get overwhelming and you really need to get to that repair, installation, renovation or remodel — that’s the time to call us.

Our work ethic, experience and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us the title of Huntington’s Favorite Handyman Service. The effort and care we put into every project has helped our reputation grow throughout the years. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen to what our customers ‘need and want’ — and then deliver it.

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