John's Crazy Socks Thanks Huntington Hospital Healthcare Heroes With Generous Donation

John's Crazy Socks was co-founded by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome who has a love of colorful and fun socks and likes to do for others. They are on a mission to spread happiness, they hire people with differing abilities, AND they donate 5% of earnings to the Special Olympics.

When John Lee Cronin fell ill last Christmas morning, struggling to breathe and with low oxygen levels, his family rushed him to Huntington Hospital where he was admitted with full blown COVID pneumonia and an uncertain prognosis.

"People with Down syndrome are ten times more likely to die from the COVID-19 virus as the general population," stated Mark X. Cronin, co-founder of John's Crazy Socks (and John's father).

Dr. John Anderson and Nurse Patricia Coffey began treating John, paying strict attention to the particular needs of John’s Down syndrome -- and they made the crucial decision to allow Mark to stay with John in his hospital room.

By New Year’s Day, John was able to leave the hospital and today is fully recovered!

“I am so thankful for the care I got at Huntington Hospital," stated John. "I was very sick, and they took care of me until I got better. Everyone was so nice to me.”

To say thank you for the excellent standards of care he received at Huntington Hospital, John returned on February 9th bearing a donation of 100 pairs of socks as well as packages of the Skittles that he has been known to include in every package.


View A Video Of John Cronin Thanking Huntington Hospital Healthcare Heroes


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“This makes us so happy," stated Dr. Anderson. "As John began to recover, this thoughtfulness and gratitude brought cheer to everyone in the critical care unit. To see him so healthy makes us all happy.”

“Throughout the pandemic," added Dr. Nick Fitterman, Executive Director of Huntington Hospital, "Our Hospital’s employees have worked tirelessly to provide world-class care to those suffering from this abhorrent virus. We are grateful to John and Mark for recognizing us with this generous donation and we look forward to sporting our socks throughout the hospital.”

“Huntington Hospital stands as a beacon of compassionate care," stated Mark X. Cronin, "because of their willingness to allow a support person to stay with a patient with an intellectual disability. These decisions are challenging as the hospital must balance protecting patients and staff from community members that may harbor COVID-19 against the special needs of vulnerable patients. It demonstrates the human side of medical treatment that we urge all hospitals to follow.”

The generous donation to Huntington Hospital from John’s Crazy Socks included their Healthcare Superhero, Firefighter Tribute Socks (because Dr. Anderson is a volunteer firefighter), and EMT Tribute Socks. These socks raise money for COVID-19 relief as well as the Huntington Community First Aid Squad.

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