HUNTINGTON: How Many of These Things Would You Rather Do Than Your Taxes? PLUS Special Tax Offer!

The clock is ticking. It’s almost here. Have you done your paperwork, yet?

That mid-April day when the taxes are due certainly creeps up quickly - especially when life has been too busy for many of us to take a focused look at arranging our financial documents in the ways most likely to make us smile on America’s least favorite holiday: Tax Day! (Keep reading for a special offer available to Living Huntington readers...)

In a perfect world, we’d all be forward thinkers and already have a long-established relationship in place with a skilled accounting firm - like Accountant on the Go: your Long Island experts in financial and tax management for individuals and small businesses.

That way, when tax season rolls around, we’d have a sound tax strategy in place; and we could rest easy enjoying the peace of mind that always follows heeding the advice of experienced industry professionals.

But this isn’t a perfect world - and (MOST) of us aren’t perfect people. Hence the last-minute tax-blues so many of us navigate.

Still - when the answers to all of your pressing tax needs are just a single phone call away (seriously - just dial: 631-547-8811) - it does surprise us when we see the results of some recent surveys about how much Americans fear doing their taxes.


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Fear of Taxes?

One such survey by WalletHub posed a hypothetical question to some of your fellow Americans: Would you rather prepare your taxes OR engage in (one, of a variety, of) unpleasant activities?

Huntington NY Tax Preparation

Get ready to be amazed and entertained! Here is a partial list of some of the detestable activities that the people polled indicated they would choose OVER doing their taxes:

  • Doing the laundry (77%)
  • Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for their in-laws (47%)
  • Changing a baby’s diaper (43%)
  • Fold 100 fitted sheets (32%)
  • Miss their connecting flight at the airport (23%)
  • Spend a night in prison (13%)
  • Break their arm (8%)


Even if you’re late to the game this year - Accountant on the Go can help! And whether you are an individual, or a small business, they will also work with you to prepare ahead of time for next year in an effort to optimize your tax strategy!

If you are a Huntington-area individual or business owner who has either been going the annual tax process alone, or hasn't had an experienced professional with a fresh set of eyes look at your financial scenario in the past couple of yours - you will probably be surprised at what a single phone call or email to Tim Ryan of Accountant on the Go Inc. can put in motion for you!

Accountant on the Go Inc. has partnered with Living Huntington to offer all of our readers a free tax consultation. It's quick. It's painless. It doesn't cost anything. And remember: Taxes are something you need to plan ahead of for maximum benefit - so the best time to get started is right now!

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