ESCAPES: Halloween Extravaganza at Schmitt Family's Farm in Melville.

Pumpkin picking and Halloween festivities are famous out on the forks of Long Island, but closer to Huntington, you can have it all at Schmitt's Family's Farm on Pinelawn Road in Melville.

Thousands of our neighbors were there last Sunday, on a beautiful windy day, just after a miserable weather day Saturday.

A Hayride, corn maze, haunted house, petting zoo, roasted corn, Apple cider and a robust selection of fresh vegetables await you. Oh, and pumpkins too. Hundreds and hundreds to choose from. At 74 cents per pound, you may want to bring home too many.

A little advice: of you want to grab a bunch of pumpkins, you will want to bring your own wagon. Schmitt's wagons were scarce due to the huge crowd. And bring your patience when parking. There are lots spread all around, with attendants directing traffic. All in all, a fun day. Enjoy the carving!


Writing and photos by Scott Sammis.