Does Your Huntington Property Tax Bill Reminder Have The Wrong Due Date?

You may want to take a quick look at the property tax reminder you were recently sent from the Town of Huntington, as some of them were sent out with incorrect due dates on them.

According to a Message on the Town of Huntington website from Receiver of Taxes Jillian Guthman, there was an Error in Property Tax Reminder Notices:

"Due to a computer glitch, some 2nd half property tax reminder notices were printed with incorrect dates. The tax amount is correct. As May 31, 2021 is a holiday, June 1, 2021 is the deadline to pay 2nd half taxes timely. Seniors with a Senior Low Income Exemption and/or Enhanced STAR as a direct immediate savings on their tax bill have until June 4, 2021 to pay 2nd half property taxes timely. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience."

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Featured photo courtesy Town of Huntington

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