COMING SOON: Radio/Radio Opens in Huntington

The owners and chef of the hip spot Vauxhall are at it again. Radio/Radio BBQ and Southern Bistro is about to open its doors and bring some down-home comfort food to Huntington Village.

We sat with Partners Dan Valentino and Chef Michael Meehan (missing partners Sal Mignano and Eric Finneran) to get up to speed on their newest addition to the family.

What was the inspiration for Radio/Radio BBQ and Southern Bistro?

M – I had the concept in mind for a long time. I owned a restaurant called Tupelo Honey that had a lot of southern aspects to it. Since that time I spent a lot of time in Nashville, and I think of it as the culinary center of the South. Everything is coming together there. It’s a great food town. We all sat together and thought what is a concept that is not being done in the area right now that we can create a niche.

D – We like Vauxhall, and we wanted to expand into something new and different that kept our vibe, but where Chef can expand and have a little fun with the menu.

What is the concept and vibe of Radio/Radio?

M – The concept is southern bistro. The décor is a mash-up of bistro and certain elements you could find in both Brooklyn and Memphis. And there is a roadhouse vibe with the car parts and the license plates.

D – This is the 4 of us coming together. We’re a bistro, but everything around the room is from a friend or someone we know locally. Everything written in the restaurant on the walls and the windows was done by Timmy, from Timmy’s Tattoo in Huntington Village. We really like using friends and people from the community.

What are some of the dishes you will be serving?

M – We’re going to do some fried green tomatoes with hot pepper vinegar, goat cheese and pickled corn. We’re also going to do a sautéed catfish with hoppin john rice. We also have a double smoker so we want to have fun with that and do some real dry rub-smoked barbecue.

One of our partners is a vegetarian so we are vegan and vegetarian friendly. For our meat program we are going all-natural and using hormone/antibiotic free meats.

What do we have to look forward to behind the bar?

D - Our cocktail program is being managed by Chris Burke from Vauxhall. Radio is going to feature fun and fresh cocktails and a unique infused moonshine program as well. It’s a natural style with Williamsburg blend.


Radio/Radio will open for business in the beginning of May.

Stay tuned for some authentic Southern music with playlists created by the musician/chef himself, featuring a Memphis theme with some rockabilly and southern rock and soul.

24 Clinton Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

The boys 📸 @heflpop

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Writing and Photos by Rosanna Ruta