Celebrity stylist brings Madison Avenue fashion to Huntington Village!

OK…Ok…We all know celebrities get to wear the trendiest designer clothes. But what about the rest of us? How do we get access to those amazing looks and fresh designer outfits?

Well – good news ladies!! We sat down with Bridget Carlton, the owner of Jessie & Sullivan, right here in Huntington Village and got the “inside scoop” as to how to look our best.

Apparently it’s all about the stylist!

Bridget Carlton - owner of Jessie & Sullivan,

Bridget – Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. Tell us a little bit about Jessie & Sullivan?

Jessie & Sullivan is my inspiration. It is one of the few woman’s clothing boutiques in the greater Huntington area that carries current designer brands from NYC, LA and beyond. I have personally handpicked, and carefully curated, every item in the store – with the intent being to present my customers with the best selections possible for the modern and classic woman.

Tell us about how you got started?

I began my fashion career 13 years ago in New York City working as a personal stylist at Intermix – a leading fashion boutique often frequented by “A-list” celebrities. During my time there I was fortunate enough to work closely with established celebrities like Paris and Nicki Hilton, Renee Zelleweger and Kate Hudson - who are all known for their strong fashion sense.

Merchant Spotlight

We recently stopped in at Jessie & Sullivan's in Huntington Village to visit with owner Bridget Carlton who was excited to speak to us about some of the latest must-have styles and fashion accessories being offered in her unique and popular women's clothing boutique!

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Why did you choose Huntington as the location for your boutique?

There is something very magical about this area. I fell in love with the town many years ago. Huntington has a great small town feel and sense of community I really desire for my family. And, the residents have a fantastic appreciation for great fashion - which made our store a perfect fit!

What kinds of unique brands can we find at Jessie & Sullivan?

I carry an amazing variety of West Coast/LA brands that you can’t find unless you really know where to look in Manhattan or Los Angeles. This allows my customers to find the most current items right here in Huntington. Our most popular brands are Xirena, Aviator Nation, Amo, Frame and Blundstone. I don’t think any other stores in the area carry the same variety and selection of these designer names.

Do you offer any specialty services?

Service is everything to me and I am very hands on when it comes to taking care of my customers. We offer a number of specialty services through the store, but I would say the most popular specialty service that we offer is our “concierge/personal stylist” service - and I handle all of the appointments personally.

Tell us a little more about that service.

One of the things I learned early in my career was that we women lead hectic lives. I have a lot of customers who are doctors, lawyers, therapists or just very busy “moms” who have little time to spend shopping.

To effectively accommodate individuals with very busy lives, I make myself available to help them with everything from taking orders by phone to personally delivering outfits for special occasions to even sorting through closets and re-organizing wardrobes in search of the best outfits.

It's important to me to develop close relationships with the women I work with because it allows me to dress them even better. Often, I am able to meet with someone for only a few minutes and am able to read their size, style, and determine their needs on the spot. I take great pride in the amount of personal service and attention to detail that I devote to them. I love making my customers feel confident about themselves.

What are your “shopping parties” we have heard so much about?

One of the most fun things we do at the store is to offer “in store” parties for women who want to shop together. We can schedule a private party any time during the week (day or night) and you can have your friends into the store for an exclusive shopping event. You can even bring wine and appetizers and make a night of it. They are so much fun!

Bridget – Thank you so much for the time!


So friends – if you are looking for something new for yourself for summer or simply shopping to freshen up your collection – stop by Jessie & Sullivan and say “hi” to Bridget – Huntington’s leading “personal stylist”. She will quickly get to know your preferences and give you access to some of the most current and covetable summer fashion pieces. Let’s get started!

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Additional Information Who: Bridget Carlton
What: Jessie & Sullivan
Where: 286 New York Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: (631) 271 1900
Website: jessie-sullivan.com