Celebrate National Fitness Day in Huntington

Did you know that this year, May 4 is National Fitness Day?

National Fitness Day is all about getting out and trying a new way to become fit and healthy.

There are so many different ways to do this, and it doesn't have to involve stepping foot into the gym either!

If you love the outdoors - go for a hike, take your dog for a walk, or play a fun game of tennis with your friends!

Are you looking for a new class to try in the Huntington area?<

There is certainly no shortage of fitness classes around us, from yoga, to cycling, to weightlifting, everyone can find something they enjoy doing if you just give it a try!

The Funky Om

The Funky Om Yoga and Wellness provides a variety of yoga classes, including forrest yoga, vinyasa, and basic yoga. We also offer wellness services, such as acupuncture, Chinese herb consultations, and massage services.

There are two wonderful locations, 195 East Main Street and 400 West Jericho Turnpike, so you can always find a class that fits into your schedule.

They offer interesting workshops, as well as teacher training for anyone interested in getting certified.

Be sure to check out their website here for more information and a class schedule: http://www.thefunkyom.com/


Variations Dance Studio

Not interested in traditional forms of exercise? How about trying a dance class?

Maybe you loved to take dance lessons as a child, or maybe you're completely new to them! Either way, Variations Dance Studio is sure to have something for you.

Variations offers an adult program featuring Jazz, Contemporary. Beginner Ballet, Hip Hop and more! You can get the whole family involved, since there are classes for children ages 2.5 through 17 years old!

The faculty is highly trained and would love to share their knowledge and love of dance with you!

Not only are we committed to training students for a professional career in dance, but also dedicated to the development of the recreational dancer simply here for the enjoyment and love of the art form.

Click here to learn more about Variations Dance Studio and to sign up for classes: https://www.variationsdancestudio.com/about2-c1jdo


TITLE Boxing Club

If you're in search for the ultimate stress reliever then it's time to give boxing a try at TITLE Boxing Club!

Doctors, therapists and medical professionals are recommending boxing as a form of treatment for stress and anxiety. At TITLE Boxing Club, we believe that we champion the fighting spirit in everyone through an authentic, transformative, full-body workout that unlocks your inner power.

One member says, "TITLE Boxing Club is my escape from stress. I love all of the people (trainers and front desk) and the workout is the perfect way to relieve stress and lose weight.”

Our signature workout utilizes the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout – including proper heavy bag training – to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, core, stamina and your confidence.

Click here to learn more and to try your first class now: https://titleboxingclub.com/workout/